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"I just recently decided to switch from banking and retail management to advertising (quite the change in direction!). The advertising industry is an extremely competitive world where experience is king, and I had none. It was a daunting task. With David's help I was able to format and word my resume to demonstrate how skills from my past experience could be applied to my future aspirations...".

- Brian B., Saatchi &Saatchi,
Toyota Brand Management

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Executive Coaching is a one-on-one, goal-driven process in which an executive coach works with top performers and selected managers in companies with the goal of developing strong leadership and highly effective communication skills.
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Career coaching is an individualized, one-on-one process where David works with the coaching client to identify the client's core career-related strengths, ambitions and marketable skills.
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David Cooley, a career counselor with UCLA's Anderson School of Management, has advice on that and other job hunting topics in this Job Shop interview.

Interviewed on August 26 2009 by Fox 11 News.