David E. Cooley - Career & Executive Coaching
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Career Coaching

In his Career Coaching sessions, David E. Cooley:

    • Collaborates with clients to develop powerful, executive-level resumes and/or executive bios that position the client in the most powerful way possible – and to have the greatest possibility of getting noticed by hiring managers and HR departments.

    • Utilizes videotaped mock interviewing sessions and mock networking sessions ensure that participants are communicating key messaging about themselves and/or their businesses in a way that is powerful, highly effectively and strategically sound.

    • Helps clients create a highly-effective networking strategy, introductions and messaging that exponentially increases career opportunities and contacts through a clear and concise communication style.

    • Creates Action Plans for clients in collaborative manner to help them achieve their career goals in a proactive fashion, in a way that encourages personal accountability to achieve career goals.

    • Integrates the "Leadership Branding" coaching methodology used in his executive coaching programs to help individuals achieve their new targeted roles through marketing their individual, powerful,  and unique marketing messages.
    • Helps clients negotiate for best terms for a new career role or for best revenue for their businesses.

On average, David’s Career Coaching programs last 3 months, allowing clients to fully integrate their new career marketing strategy and improved communication style into the key areas of career self-marketing in the most effective way possible.