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Executive Coaching

In most cases, David E. Cooley’s Executive Coaching programs are sponsored by corporations and organizations to augment the client’s skill sets and to help address potential“blind spots” or identify, address and implement new behaviors and patterns that will lead to a more effective leadership style within an organization.

David also coaches executives in a New Leader Assimilation Coaching program, which is created for clients in new leadership roles to effectively “hit the ground running” in their new roles.  The end goal of these programs is to establish organizational credibility as soon as possible, and ultimately secure early successes that reinforce successful organizational relationships and structures.

Utilizing 360 feedback surveys, staff interviews, real-time feedback in individualized and comprehensive on-on-one programs spanning several months, David E. Cooley’s Executive Coaching programs have significantly increased his coaching client’s leadership and communication skills in a way that has benefited a great many organizations throughout Northern and Southern California.